Saturday, 10 August 2013

New: Glitter and Gossip

I've come up with a completely new concept in papercraft called

Glitter and Gossip!

You've heard of Knit and Natter  for knitting and Stitch and Bitch for fabric?  Well this is the papercrafts version.

Come and meet old friends and new.  Learn a new technique or bring your own work.  Lacking inspiration or stuck with wat to do next come along for some advice or inspiration or just for a cup of tea!

So what's the format?
Starting at 7pm there will be a about half an hour of teaching, with materials provided for a small charge. After that you can finish the project or work on your own creations.
If you just want to bring your own projects then please do, advice will be available following the finish of the taught element.
Want to learn a particular technique then put in your request and I'll try and programme it in.

It all starts 16th October in St Peter Port