Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A Year in Cards

Hello All,

Isn't it gorgeous weather? And about time I can hear you reply!

Well, just a quick post to flag up the new page on my blog for those people who are going to attend my 'A Year in Cards' course. It's on a little tab just under the Greetings from Guernsey banner at the top of the page, click on it to go to a new page.

I've added information on the things you'll need to bring with you each class, some essential and some optional. I know the experienced crafters among you will have a lot of the optional items and more, please feel free to bring them with you for each class.  If you’re a new crafter or new to card making, don't worry, bring the essentials and borrow the rest of the kit from me.  You may want to bring a notebook too.

I aim to cater for both brand new card makers as well as those with some experience, who would like to expand their knowledge.  You never know if lots of people sign up  (this class size will be around 12) I might be asked back I'd love to do a class for more advanced techniques or some scrapbooking or even off the page (3D projects).

I'll get some of the cards up on here as I start to design them to give you a sneek peek, we'll start simple and elegant, and progress to more complex cards and techniques.

Signed up already? Please leave me a comment below and introduce yourself.  Don't know how don't worry I'll be in contact before the class.

Want to sign up?  Go over to the WEA site and fill in the form.

Monday, 23 July 2012

New Card Classes in Guernsey

Oh my goodness the WEA, an organisation who run courses and classes in many places around the world, have asked me to run a set of 8 classes from September in Guernsey, every third Wednesday evening of the month (except December).

So what are we going to do?  Well all sorts!  The course is called A Year in Cards and cover hatches, matches, despatches as well as birthdays, male themed cards, not forgetting Christmas.  It's aimed at beginners and intermediate card makers, we'll aim to make 30 cards using a variety of techniques and lots of flexibility to try new things.  I can't belive its only £66 for the course, that's £8.25 per 2 hour lesson, bargain.

Above is a sample of some previous cards I've made for various occassions.

To sign up for the class fill in the forms on the WEA website or take a look at the Craft leaflet.

I look forward to hearing from you with any questions and meeting you in September at Les Cotils!  If you've not met me yet I'll be the excited one...

Class Dates
19 September
17 October
21 November
16 January
20 February
20 March
17 April
15 May