Thursday, 14 February 2013

...or two

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Appologies for the alignment...I'm still waiting for my computer to be sorted...

I just love printing on ribbon, you can choose and name and any sentiment.

So, decide what you'd like to say and type it in to a word document, change the font and change the colour if you'd like.

Print on to a plain piece of paper

Using repositionable glue (I use the green tombow stuff from Stampin' Up!) stick a line across and just beyond the type you've just printed.  Leave the glue to go tacky if you're using tombow.

Position the ribbon you wish to print on on top of the glue covering the whole area of the type.  make sure its straight.

Return the paper to the paper drawer or feed and reprint without changing wour settings. 

It may take a few goes to feed the paper in the right way so practice first without the ribbon. 

The less shiny the ribbon the better the print...the one I used here is satin and organza from Stampin' Up! so the print is fainter on the satin.  I would suggest that you don't try to reprint over the ribon as it could lead to either the colour spearding or the type moving slightly.  Have fun trying and let me know how you get on!

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The Pied Pedlar said...

I love this one as the red is very striking .